Ofcourse after a post about finding my own pace as a freelancer, I stop blogging for a while haha! That’s how those things go. Dropping by for a quick note that I do still intend to blog. But maybe (well I’m pretty sure actually) the weekly structured approach isn’t for me. I’ll write when I’ve got something to write! But while I’m here now, why not a little rambling about what’s up right now.

It’s pretty hot here lately, the sticky clammy kind of hot that makes you want to spend the day not moving. So that’s pretty much what I did yesterday. But then I feel bummed about not having done much, so today I’m doing all sorts of things. Things that I’ve been putting off for too long.

  • Wrote and send a newsletter
  • Emailed some people
  • Ordered a few items I should have ordered months ago
  • Wrote a blogpost (yeah this one)
  • Dug up my notebook where I write my to do lists, to get a grip on those to do’s and my days again
  • Bunch of household chores

And it’s only 2pm! Think I’ll head outside to practice some outdoors drawing. Get over that fear of “oh no what might people think”. And get some fresh air at the same time. And then later today work on the holiday souvenir illustrations that I really need to finish soon.

It’s the irregular pace approach for me, always. That’s how I get things done, what works for me. And probably why I can only keep plants alive that do not need regular watering…