I’m sure I’m not the only one: when that thing you really wanted to do at first, becomes something you don’t really want to do when it’s time, because it’s scary. And then you go ahead and do it anyway. This blog is more about a personal experience, but one that is connected to creativity and will definitely help me on my path.

This is definitely a recurring theme in my life. And so far I usually thought of it as failing, whenever my mind went into those “nooo I don’t want to” thoughts before an event. I shouldn’t overreact like that, stop worrying, just do it. However, at a recent event, I suddenly looked at it differently. And I thought maybe by sharing, I might inspire you to go do those scary new things too and experience them in a new way. For me this is part of trying to see more achievements in what I do, appreciate the small things alongside the big victories.

Going somewhere new: a book presentation. 

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my stories about the book presentation by Marloes de Vries I went to earlier this month. It was for her first book “Volwassen worden is optioneel” (Growing up is optional). I love her work, her style, and she’s a huge inspiration for me. Plus she is a wonderful person. So when I read in her newsletter about this opportunity I jumped on it. Support one of my favorite makers ánd get my book signed! I’m in!

And in theory I always like social events. Sure, I’ll go! Sounds fun! Count me in! In practice… I get nervous, and become very aware of the socially awkward introverted penguin I tend to be. I have no idea what to expect and how to behave at something like this. Maybe I should just stay home…

But I went anyway. I made best friends with a monstera plant in the corner because I didn’t know anybody there (well, except for Marloes haha). And… suddenly I realized that’s ok. I’m allowed to feel uncomfortable. To just be the introvert that I am. What is it they say, outside of your comfort zone is where you grow? Well this should have added a centimeter or two! And looking around I could tell I wasn’t the only one who was there and didn’t really know what to do with themselves. We humans are a social bunch, but not necessarily good at it. Not just me.


For me, this was a win. Not only did I do something new, I gained some new insights as a bonus. Added a little more selfacceptance to the growing heap of confidence. And I got my book signed and had a little chat with Marloes and that was definitely worth all the awkward waiting!

Did you do any scary new things recently you’re happy you did anyway?