Confession: Even though I’m a big believer in all the good play can bring, I’m pretty bad at implementing it myself. Oops.

I want to do it! And then I mean to have some fun making whatever and then… first a little more working on a project, mailing a client, doing laundry, checking Instagram, being tired, a lot of things that make time disappear. Usually it’s already later in the day when I realize I still want to mess around a bit. And then it’s the end of the day and there was no time for play left.

Why I care about creative play time? Play is where you can allow yourself to just DO. Make something. No purpose. You don’t have to sell it, or post it, or learn from it even. You can hide it or throw it away afterwards. Or recycle it for another round of play. Or share it after all. Anything goes. And it’s the time and place to explore. Use those fancy materials, put that weird idea down on paper, make a mess of your desk. See what happens.

Play is where I believe you can discover, experiment. Because nothing depends on it, it doesn’t matter. That’s why it matters. You can try so much! Or not much at all and do something that makes you happy. Create in a way that brings you to a good place. That’s important and wonderful too. It’s most of all time for you and your creativity and nothing else.

So why don’t I do it more myself?! Still figuring out the answer to that to be honest. But being aware I want to play more is step 1. Done. Just keep starting again and again. It’s the only way to form a habit. You don’t have to free up an hour. Just a little time is enough, everyday a few minutes for you and your creativity.

Do you have a creative play habit? What are your thoughts on it?