I turn ideas into illustrations and help you by doing so:

Ik help jouw idee op papier te krijgen. Een passende illustratie voor jouw bedrijf, bij jouw vraag, bij jouw verhaal. En waar het kan probeer ik wat extra positiviteit en vrolijkheid de wereld in te helpen. Met mijn eigen werk, en werk in opdracht. Want anderen helpen maakt de wereld ook een beetje mooier.


Dieuwertje & Laila

Authors "Voor Altijd in Mijn Hart"
We were looking for someone who could help us with some illustrations, for inside the book and on the cover. So it was quite important. We placed a call, and someone mentioned Josien. Her initial illustrations were very appealing. After getting in touch with Josien and seeing more of her work, we were sure. We're very happy we 'found' Josien and that she made the cover illustration and other illustrations. Josien responds quick, she thinks along really well and at times it was as if she could read our minds. We're thrilled with the result!

René Kops

Author of Kopsies books
Josien illustrates my books in a series of children's books. We work together nicely and Josien listens really well to my wishes, quickly adjusting when necessary. I'm very satisfied with the lovely illustrations she makes with funny details which connect with the audience, young children.

Linda Bakker

Author "Margarita de Toverprinses"
I get a lot of compliments about our work for the children's book Margarita de Toverprinses. Your illustrations are pleasing to see. People tell me right away it's made beautifully. It was nice collaborating with you!




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